Student FAQs

Student FAQs

March 1, 2019
Memo to Students: Important Information on Classes

February 28, 2019
Memo to Students: Contingency Plans for Work Stoppage

I’m a student. How will a strike impact me?

Your classes will not be cancelled; they will be delayed for the length of the strike.

Will scheduled classes, studios or workshops be held?

Some scheduled classes, studios or workshops will be held. The list of instructors who will continue to teach is provided below. If concerns about health and safety arise in studios, then student activity will be restricted in unsupervised areas.

Alison Campbell
Carolyn Crewe
Michael Day
Sam DeCoste
Carrie Goodfellow
Julie Hollenbach
Mark Laing
Roger Lewis
Christopher Lowe
Tabitha Osler
Katarina Marinic
Isla McEachern
Dean McNeil
Kim Munson
Bruno Oro de Abreu
Huschang Pourian
Mengnan Qu
Marlene Ramos
Despo Sophocleous
Jayme Spinks
Bruce Trick
Emily Wareham
Jeff Wheaton
Mandy Wright

Will the library be open?

Yes, the library will be open. Librarian technicians are part of FUNSCAD Unit II.

Will the bookstore be open?

Yes, the bookstore will be open.

Will the gallery be closed?

The gallery will remain open.

Will the strike affect the rest of my semester?

NSCAD will do everything possible to extend the semester by the number of teaching days lost due to the strike. A strike by faculty does not mean that the semester has ended; a faculty strike means the semester has been interrupted for the length of the strike. Deadlines for adding and dropping courses will be extended by the number of days the strike interrupts classes during the semester. Deadlines for qualifying for refunds will be extended by the length of the strike as well.

Will the strike affect tuition and refunds?

NSCAD is unable to compensate you for your tuition or travel expenses. We sincerely regret the disruption that a strike may have on students and employees and will do everything reasonable to conclude a collective agreement as soon as possible. 

Will the strike affect student loans?

NSCAD University cannot speak on behalf of the various provincial student loan authorities across Canada. However, as a member of the Canadian Association of Financial Aid Officers, we will be working closely with government authorities to help address any potential financial hardship due to a strike.

Will the strike affect my full-time status as a student?

Whether you are an international or domestic student, your status as a full-time student will remain unchanged during the length of the strike.

Will the strike affect my full-time status as a student employee or recipient of stipends and honoraria?

All outstanding honoraria and earned stipends will be paid in full. NSCAD does not expect student employees or students to cross a picket line, and there will be no repercussions by NSCAD University for not appearing for work during a strike.