Critical Illness

Optional Critical Choice Care Insurance

On April 1, 2009, an Optional Critical Choice Care Insurance program became available to all eligible NSCAD University employees and their spouses. This is a voluntary benefit and premium is 100 per cent paid for by the employee.

Critical Illness Insurance is a “living benefit” that is intended to provide you and/or your spouse with a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with one of the following illnesses or medical conditions:

• Heart attack • Loss of speech • Coronary artery bypass surgery • Benign brain tumor • Stroke • Coma • Life threatening cancer • Major burns • Parkinson’s Disease • Major organ transplant • Alzheimer’s Disease • Major organ failure requiring transplant • Multiple Sclerosis • Motor Neuron Disease • Kidney failure • Aorta surgery • Paralysis • Heart valve replacement • Blindness • Loss of limbs • Deafness

This insurance is a cost-effective way to supplement your personal financial and insurance coverage. The tax-free money is yours to do with as you wish. Examples include: paying for medical expenses not covered under provincial health care; adapting your home to meet your special requirements; paying for debts or mortgages; taking a much-needed holiday to speed your recovery; preserving assets by replacing lost income and ensuring that investments aren’t swallowed up by unexpected illness.

The plan provides a guaranteed issue benefit of up to $50,000. If you or your spouse wishes to enroll in the plan, complete and return the enrollment card to your Human Resource Representative or Payroll and Benefits Coordinator.

If you are applying for coverage over $50,000, medical evidence of insurability must be provided by completing the Application for Critical Choice Care Form. This form is available on-line and, upon completion, should be submitted directly to AXA’s Dartmouth office.

For more information, please contact AXA Assurances Inc. @ 1-800-848-0158.

Forms and brochures:

Critical Choice Care application
Critical Choice Care Brochure

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