Industry Liaison Office

NSCAD’s Industry Liaison Office (ILO) was established in December 2011 through a partnership with Saint Mary’s University. The ILO team aim to facilitate collaborations between NSCAD researchers and industry, and to further carry out technology transfer activities with partners who have a vested interest in the practical applications of NSCAD-born technologies.

Key Activities

1. Facilitate knowledge transfer and encourage connections with partners and stakeholders.
2. Identify industry partners to sponsor research activities.
3. Acquire funding for prototype development.
4. Provide external partners with improved access to NSCAD expertise.
5. Contribute to funding proposal development.
6. Highlight and promote researcher expertise and showcase NSCAD-born technologies.
7. Guide and manage intellectual property protection.
8. Deliver resources to advance research towards successful commercialization.


Intellectual Property
What is Technology Transfer?

Have you heard about the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s (CIPO) IP Case Studies? Teaching tools that demonstrate the strategic value of IP, the case studies are designed to reflect realistic career situations for students. Using a 50 to 90 minute in-class discussion format, each case study can easily be integrated into an existing course. Click here for more information.

As a member of Springboard Atlantic, the Industry Liaison Office can help connect you to university and college-based expertise throughout the region.

Contact Information

Kevin Buchan, Director
Industry Liaison Office
5163 Duke Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3J6
Phone: (902) 491-6297

Vanisa Omicevic, Administrator
Industry Liaison Office
5163 Duke Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3J6
Phone: (902) 420-5270

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