Independent Off Campus Study

The following are general requirements that apply to the Off Campus Study Program:

• a student must be registered at the university and in good academic standing at the time of application for Off Campus Study;

• a student must have completed a minimum of sixty (60) credits with a minimum of 6 credits earned at the 3000 level; completed 9 credits of liberal arts and science course work including 6 credits of Art History for BFA students; have maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in order to participate in Off Campus Study;

• a student applying for Independent Off Campus Study must have completed the prerequisites in those courses for which s/he is registered while away from the university.

Transfer students may apply for Off Campus Study after the completion of two full-time semesters at the university, in addition to meeting the above-noted requirements. The university’s Residency Requirement will apply and may limit participation in Off Campus Study for some transfer students.

Approval for Off Campus Study

For Independent Off Campus Study, in addition to meeting all eligibility requirements for off campus study, a student must meet the following additional requirements:

• submit an Independent Off Campus Study Application form

• receive signed approval from the faculty supervisor, the appropriate Division Chair, and the Registrar’s office.

• Faculty supervisors must be chosen from regular full-time faculty with whom the student has studied previously, or in exceptional circumstances, with a regular full-time faculty member who is familiar with the student’s work.

What Is Expected of You?

Participants are expected to document his/her experience of the independent off campus study in such a way that the record of his/her experience may benefit other students considering such study. This summary will become part of the resources available in the Office of Student Experience to students interested in pursuing these options of study. Students are required to return to the university and to register for at least one semester. A public presentation and submission of a 2-page typed summary of the student’s experience is also required. Students should keep a journal during his/her period of off campus study, in which he/she records his/her experiences, impressions, sketches, and other important information and also visually document the experience with photographs and slides. These will form the basis of the public presentation and the written summary report.

Credits taken while on an independent off campus study will not be awarded until the Registrar has been notified that the student has completed the public presentation and has submitted the summary. Tuition is paid to NSCAD and credits earned while independent off campus study apply toward NSCAD degrees.

After the Off Campus Semester is Over

A student who participates in Off Campus Study is required to return to the university and to register for at least one semester during which s/he will give a public presentation and submit a two-page typed summary. Credit will not be awarded for Off Campus Study until these requirements have been met.

For Independent Off Campus Study, the supervising faculty member will award a grade.

Credits gained in Off Campus Study are considered non-resident credits.

The Assistant Registrar organizes and coordinates the Off Campus Study Program and assists students with application procedures, travel advise and financial planning advise. The student is responsible for arranging travel, travel visas and accommodations. The office keeps a set of reports written by previous off campus study students that are available for review. For further questions please contact Joann Reynolds Farmer at (902) 424-8124 or

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