Academic Appeals and Grade Appeals

Academic Policy Appeals

Where special circumstances warrant, exceptions may be granted by the University for specific academic regulations including adding or dropping a course or semester of courses. Linked below are the Academic Policy Appeal request forms. One is for retroactively dropping or withdrawing from a course or courses,  one for retroactively adding a course past the last day to add a course and one that can be applied to other policies that a student would like considered for exception. For more information on how to submit an appeal you may contact

Academic Forms

Grade Appeals

Separate from Academic Policy Appeals, the University has a grade appeal procedure.  Students have 30 days from the date that grades are released in which to challenge a final grade. The first step in this process is for the student to discuss the grade directly with the faculty member who delivered the grade.

A formal appeal may only be initiated after an informal Change of Grade Request has been made to the faculty (above).

Should the student wish to challenge the outcome of the request to the faculty for a Change of Grade Request, they may submit a request for Formal Grade Appeal.  Email will be sent to along with the signed Change of Grade Request Form.

Should the student wish to challenge the outcome of the Formal Grade Appeal, they may request of the Registrar that a Grade Review Panel be convened. For detailed information on the Grade Review Panel, students should consult the Office of the Registrar.

Step 1: Change of Grade Request (initiated by Student directly to Faculty)
Step 2: Formal Grade Appeal (consult with Registrar)
Step 3: Grade Review Panel (consult with Registrar)

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