NSCAD’s University-Student Consultation Framework

Prior to establishing or revising tuition, ancillary or auxiliary fees, or in establishing or revising any policy related to sexualized violence, NSCAD engages in a university-student consultation process using the following framework.

Recognition of the NSCAD Student Union in the Consultation Framework

A committee shall be established, which includes a Chair appointed by the President of NSCAD, faculty appointed by the Academic Dean, staff appointed by the Senior Leadership Team, and students appointed by SUNSCAD.  The students appointed by SUNSCAD are to comprise at least one-third of the committee membership.

Consultation Process

All members of the committee have the opportunity to inform the development of the agenda for each meeting in order to ensure all concerns and issues are identified as topics for discussion.

As many meetings as necessary are held in order to ensure general if not full agreement among the student members on decisions made by the committee.

Principles Guiding the Consultation Process

All members of the committee are compelled to find agreement in the best interests of all concerned.

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