Faculty and Staff Printing from Macs

If you are a NSCAD faculty or staff member and you need to print from a Mac to one of the shared, networked printers on-campus, please follow the steps below.

Preferred Method: add the printer as a “Windows” printer (see PDF instruction document). Please note that as of January 2020, some users have been experiencing problems with getting their Macs to discover the “Thompson” print server. If you experience similar issues, please use the alternate smb connection method outlined below for adding printers to a Mac.

Alternate Method: add the printer via smb.
1. Install the correct driver for the printer by visiting Ricoh Canada’s website at ricoh.ca. Choose the Support & Downloads option from their top menu bar and enter the name of the Ricoh model in the search box. Follow the steps on the Ricoh site for downloading and installing the print driver.

2. Go to your Mac’s System Preferences, choose the Printers & Scanners category and then click Add (+) to add a printer.

3. In the Add window, right-click on a blank area of the top toolbar (click somewhere beside the “Windows” icon) to get a drop-down menu that will allow you to add more functions to the toolbar. In the drop-down menu, click on the last item: “Customize Toolbar”:

Drag the “Advanced” icon into the available space up in the toolbar and then click “Done”:

4. Select the newly-added “Advanced” icon in the toolbar and, in the window that opens, change “Type” to Windows printer via spoolss and leave the “Device” setting as Another Device (see screen shot that follows). The address to enter in the “URL” field must be typed exactly as noted in the following list of printers and must not contain capitals or spaces:

• For the Port Campus Ricoh, enter the following:
• For the Academy Building Ricoh, enter the following:
• For the Learning Commons Ricoh, enter the following:
• For the Fountain Campus North Block Ricoh, enter the following:

Department/Division-specific printers in locked areas are not included in the above list, so if you are trying to connect to your department/division’s printer, please contact Computer Services for help with the correct address to enter.

5. In the “Name” field of the Add Printer window, delete the “” IP address that shows up there by default and replace it with an actual printer name to make it easier to identify, i.e. Port Campus Ricoh or Learning Commons Ricoh.
In the “Use” field, choose “Select Software” from the drop-down list.

A new window will open where you can search for the driver you installed in step 1. Begin typing the make and model of the printer in the search field and, once you’ve found the correct one, highlight it and then click OK:

You will end up back at the Add window, where the correct driver should now show up in the “Use:” field. Click Add. A window will appear saying “Setting up (printer name)”. Do not change any of the options listed. Instead, just click OK to finish adding the printer.

When you send your first print job to the newly-added printer, NSCAD’s “Thompson” print server will ask you for your credentials. Enter your NSCAD username (do not include “@nscad.ca) and your password, then click the “Remember this password in my keychain” box so you’re not prompted for your credentials every time you print:

User Access Control
User access control is turned on for the Port Campus Ricoh. To print to this printer, you’ll need to create a user preset that contains your division, department or individual faculty printing/copying code. Please see the following document for instructions on setting up a preset for printing.