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Evergreen computer Plan for Full-Time Faculty

NSCAD offers a 5-year ‘evergreen’ plan for the provision and replacement of MacBooks, iMacs, PC laptops and desktops for full-time, continuing faculty. This plan is aligned with the best practices at other art schools in North America, with many elements adapted specifically for NSCAD.

The plan will provide replacement computers to eligible, full-time, continuing faculty based on a 5-year cycle. At the end of the fifth year, faculty are eligible to request a new machine for another 5 years. Before receiving a new machine, the faculty member must return the old machine or exercise an option to purchase that machine at a predetermined book value.

NSCAD will fully fund purchases of the new equipment up to a preset amount. Until further notice, the preset amount is $1875.00. A number of standard models will be listed on the Navigator website for faculty to choose from. The page will list model, technical specifications and the most recently available cost. Actual prices could vary at the time of Purchase Order.

Hardware configuration enhancements are possible on all equipment, but keep in mind that the University will only fund equipment up to the preset amount. Additional costs must be covered by the respective faculty member. Note that costs covered by faculty do not confer ownership and do not affect the predetermined buy-out amount.

All computers must include a 3-year warranty. Software and accessories (i.e. external storage drives, adapter cables, monitors) are not covered under this plan and must be purchased through the faculty member’s division on a separate PO. These purchases will require approval by the Academic department affected and the costs will be charged accordingly. When the buy-out option is exercised at the end of a five-year cycle, any University-provided software must be removed from the computer.

Please note that all conditions and guidelines in our Electronic Device Procurement Policy (Policy No 315-003) still apply.

EVERGREEN models and program form

Evergreen Computer Plan Form
Evergreen Computer Models