Mail Forwarding

If you would like to forward incoming email from your NSCAD account to an alternate email account, log onto the Office 365 Outlook Webmail client and go to the settings icon (the cog icon). In the drop-down menu, look for “My app settings” and choose Mail:

Under the list of options, choose the Mail category, then the Accounts sub-category, and finally, the Forwarding option. Click the “Start forwarding” radio button and enter the email address that you want your mail to be forwarded to. If you also want to keep a copy of the forwarded emails in your NSCAD Office 365 account, check the box beside “Keep a copy of forwarded messages”. Please note that if you choose not to check this box, you will have no backup in the event that your other email service provider (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) encounters any issues. Please also keep in mind that Computer Services cannot be responsible for email that is being directed somewhere other than the university’s Office 365 service. Once you have finished, click on Save. PLEASE NOTE: there is a significant delay between the time you set this up in Office 365 and the point at which mail begins to appear in the account to which you have forwarded it. It can take half an hour or longer, so please be patient.

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