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COVID-19 Update: The student exchange and study abroad program reactivation will be considered for Fall 2022.

The Off Campus Study Program at NSCAD University enables students to pursue study away from the university under three circumstances:

Independent Off Campus Study allows students to devise individual plans of study within Canada or abroad while registered for courses listed in the university calendar. Internships and practicum placements outside of Halifax would fall under this category. Learn more »

Exchange Study allows students to continue study at one of a number of institutions around the world with whom the university participates in an exchange agreement. NSCAD has exchange agreements with more than 70 participating institutions in 13 countries, including the USA schools who participate in the AICAD Mobility Program, and we continue to work to establish new exchange agreements each year. Learn more »

NSCAD Art in Schools Initiative, part of NSCAD’s Community Service Learning program, provides a unique opportunity for NSCAD students to spend a semester in South Africa. Students will participate as research assistants in a study that examines the effects of “creative learning interventions” on the outcomes of high school learners. Studio space will also be provided in the Department of Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University. Students will receive up to 15 studio credits for the session (6 credits ARTS 3450 Off Campus Community Service Learning / Internship and 9 credits of ARTS 4000 level).

Students are eligible to participate if they have completed a minimum of 60 credits including 9 credits of liberal arts and science course work prior to the off campus semester. It is recommended that students complete 3000 level course work prior to application. Students with transfer credits, who have successfully completed two full-time semesters at the university with a minimum of 60 credits in total including the above criteria, may participate in an Exchange or Off Campus Study.

Participants are expected to document their off campus experience in such a way that the record of his/her experience may benefit other students considering such study. This summary will become part of the resources available in the Office of Student Experience to students interested in pursuing these options of study. Students are required to return to the university and to register for at least one semester. A public presentation and submission of a two-page typed summary of the student’s experience is also required. Tuition is paid to NSCAD and credits earned while on exchange or independent off campus study apply toward NSCAD degrees.

Exchange / Off Campus Application Deadlines

Fall / Spring / Summer / Winter:  March 1st

Some exchange partners only review applications for fall or winter once a year.

Summer study will be considered on a case by case basis only. Please inquire well in advance of the summer semester to see what may be possible. For some schools our summer semester is a regular semester (ie Australia)

Students should begin planning off campus experiences at least four to sixteen months in advance of their anticipated semester abroad.


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